Are you fit to be Agile ?

If you are new to project methodologies or approaches you may have come across the phrases Agile and Waterfall. These 2 types of project approaches are very different and require very different project management approaches

Now depending upon your project the different approaches or methodologies may be suitable or not, and either could provide very different benefits to your organisation when delivering projects. Waterfall is probably the oldest and best known approach and is relatively simple in its understanding, each project is broken down into different stages or workstreams, with each stage or workstream being planned to follow the previous stage, so very linear in its delivery, and relies on defining your requirements and design fully before moving into building a solution

A more recent idea is the Agile methodology. Agile is intended to be a better approach for delivering some element of a solution earlier and therefore realising business benefit sooner. Agile is considered the norm when delivering software development projects, as it allows the team to deliver a working solution early and evolve that over time into a final solution. However that doesn’t mean Agile is limited to software development, Agile methodology can be applied to various project types whether they be IT or business led and if implemented correctly can provide various benefits over the waterfall approach such as,

  • The project starts to deliver earlier, meaning the business start to see benefit sooner
  • Tighter collaboration between development team and business leads to better quality deliverables, and the business getting what it wants first time
  • Changes can be incorporated in Agile development cycles, meaning they happen sooner and can lead to continuous improvement of project deliverables

  • However, to successfully use Agile in your project delivery you do need to embrace the Agile Principles which are considerably different from the Waterfall approach. To help you determine if you can use Agile effectively in your organisation, and realise the Agile ISFs (instrumental Success Factors)

    DSDM (Dynamic System Development Method) a form of Agile methodology, provides a useful tool that can be used at the start of the project during feasibility (with feasibility being the first phase of an Agile project) called the Project Approach Questionnaire or PAQ. This is a list of 17 questions the organisation should ask itself when deciding to use Agile, if you can answer agree or strongly agree to all 17 questions then you are “FIT” to use Agile in your approach to delivering your project, if you can’t then you need to consider the risks raised before deciding whether to use Agile or not

    Why not answer the questions now and see if your organisation is ready to start using Agile ..

    Download the PAQ

    August 2020